Studio Monty is the third-person business name for Johnathan Montelongo, a graphic designer in Bristol, UK.
But please call me Monty.

I specialise in editorial and branding and have a passion and aptitude for typography and layout. Where appropriate, I favour minimalism and reductionism - if it can be communicated more effectively with less, that’s the path I’m going to take. I am a conceptual designer and will spend most of the solution-finding process with a pencil in my hand or clamped in my teeth while digging deeper into the challenge. Primarily involved in print media, I am competent in digital and work keenly with developers to bring ideas and digital solutions to life.
During moments of cutting loose you’ll find me hiking along shoreline or through a city, attending live music, devouring a Nordic Noir box-set or an independent magazine, enjoying good food, craft beer and people’s company or even failing miserably at badminton. I also play drums quite well and some other instruments badly.

Some say I’m good with people. Feel free to put that to the test…
+44 7855 960 106