Barnardos HYPE is a service operating within the CCHP; Community Children's Health Partnership. The CCHP provide community child health and child and adolescent mental health services for Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

While working with Barnardo's HYPE, I was asked to create several materials to professionalise various other partner services to make them more approachable and young-people-focussed along with the following report for healthcare professionals.

CCHP Research Report Summary
Handed out at several important conferences and exhibitions to many NHS and other medical and healthcare professionals.
Thinking Allowed information sheet
Aimed at children and young people who experience emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties, this infosheet needed to be appealing for a young audience in an approachable and cheerful way. The logo plays on the word 'allowed' with its phonetic sibling 'aloud', which supports the idea of communicating in a safe environment.
AWP Complaints, Compliments and Feedback leaflet
Leaflet to inform young people of available feedback methods. The bright palette, mock-handwritten headings and flat, emoji-influenced icons were designed to be familiar, approachable and unthreatening with a young audience in mind.
Keeping Babies Safe leaflet for parents
Gently sets out procedure for when a baby shows signs of possible neglect. Photography intended to show peaceful and cared-for babies, while soft colours and humanist typography were chosen to help unpleasant content be read and understood by concerned parents.

Other projects

Barnardo's HYPE - Branding & materials
Logo, branding and other materials for a participation service in a children's charity.
Restaurant Bederet - Logo, menus & custom icons
Logo and menus for new ski-station restaurant in the French Pyrenees.
MODÅN - Logo and packaging
Logo and package design for MODÅN premium mobile phone cases, tablet cases and accessories.
Ernest Journal, Issue 6
Page layout, illustration, typography and deputy art direction in taking this successful and independently published magazine to press.
Music for the People - DJ Show Banners
Show banners for online radio DJs.
Postgraduate studies
Distinction awarded work from Postgraduate Certificate in Graphic Arts from UWE, Bristol (UK).
Together Uganda - Logo & business stationery
Logo and branding for a new charity (pro-bono).
Ernest Journal, Issue 5
Page layout and deputy art direction in taking this successful and independently published magazine to press.
Logo design for new ethical beauty and makeup business.
The Odditorium
Page layout, illustration & infographics and typography to assemble this Amazon bestseller.
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