Between September 2015 and June 2016, I undertook a Master of Arts in Graphic Arts. Despite immensely enjoying the course and the collaboration, it became a busy time for my freelance work as a graphic designer and I had to make a decision between work and studies. The choice was relatively simple as I'm a learner-by-doer, so I walked away with a Postgraduate Certificate in Graphic Arts. For now...

Here are two distinction-awarded pieces: an A1 poster designed to tell our audience a little bit about ourselves and a manifesto of collected and bestowed thoughts.

Other projects

Barnardo's HYPE Partners - Various materials
Selection of external-facing materials for the Community Children's Health Partnership.
Ernest Journal, Issue 6
Page layout, illustration, typography and deputy art direction in taking this successful and independently published magazine to press.
Brasserie du Pays Toy
Logo design for new craft brewery in the Pyrenees, France.
Restaurant Bederet - Logo, menus & custom icons
Logo and menus for new ski-station restaurant in the French Pyrenees.
Barnardo's HYPE - Branding & materials
Logo, branding and other materials for a participation service in a children's charity.
Three Brothers Burgers - Various promotions
Promotional materials for gourmet burger and craft beer restaurant in Bristol, UK.
The Odditorium
Page layout, illustration & infographics and typography to assemble this Amazon bestseller.
Logo design for new ethical beauty and makeup business.
Together Uganda - Logo & business stationery
Logo and branding for a new charity (pro-bono).
Music for the People - DJ Show Banners
Show banners for online radio DJs.
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